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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (Dec. 19, 2015) – Two-time PGA Professional Champion Matt Dobyns of Glen Head, New York, and Brian Cairns of Walled Lake, Michigan, have won the respective 2015 OMEGA PGA Professional and Senior PGA Professional Player of the Year awards.

The twosome will be honored on Friday, June 24, at the 49th PGA Professional Championship at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York.

Dobyns, 37, the PGA Head Professional at Fresh Meadow Country Club in Lake Success, New York, secured his first PGA Professional Player of the Year Award and is the third Metropolitan PGA member capture the national honor. Dobyns, who also won the 2012 PGA Professional Championship, added to his trophy collection in July by capturing the Walter Hagen Cup for a second time in the National Championship at Philadelphia Cricket Club. He went on to win Metropolitan PGA Player of the Year honors.

With a victory in the second event of the PGA Tournament Series presented by GOLF ADVISOR on Dec. 4, Dobyns clinched the award. He won the Series money title with $9,840.75  in four events over the six-event schedule and was No. 1 in scoring average (68.25). Dobyns finished 30-under par over eight rounds in the PGA Tournament Series.

Dobyns finished with 1,150 total points, while Bob Sowards of Dublin, Ohio, a four-time PGA Professional Player of the Year, was runner-up  with 892.5. Dobyns joins Metropolitan PGA members Bruce Zabriski (1991, ’94, ’96, ’97, ’98) and Rick Hartmann (2000) in capturing the  national award.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be PGA Professional Player of the Year. I’m surprised that I’m the third from the Met Section to do so, which shows how hard it is to win,” said Dobyns. “I am happy to represent our Section at the national level and I appreciated the support I received from friends in and outside the Section. This award shows you that there are many more components involved than winning a PGA Professional Championship.”  

Cairns, a 51-year-old PGA teaching professional at Fox Hills Learning Center in Plymouth, Michigan, became the first Michigan PGA Section member to earn a national Player of the Year award in any division. This past season, Cairns finished with 813.55 points based upon finishing tied for fifth in the 2015 PGA Professional Championship and capturing Michigan PGA Player of the Year honors.

Don Berry of Rogers, Minnesota, was runner-up with 754.62 points; followed by Jim Carter of Scottsdale, Arizona, with 668.41; and Jerry Haas of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with 646.  

“It’s been a lifelong dream. I don’t care if it’s the seniors or regular division. It was a dream year,” said Cairns, following confirmation of  his award. “Fox Hills has been very nice to let me teach and play. Getting to play in the PGA Championship with Matt Jones was pretty nice when he was leading (after 36 holes). I got to say I teed it up in a major on a Saturday (because of a one-day rain delay)

“I didn’t realize that I’m the first from the Michigan Section to do this. It’s a helluva honor. We’ve had four players from our Section win the PGA Professional Championship. It’s a long haul to win Player of the Year.”

The final PGA Professional and Senior PGA Professional Player of the Year standings were determined based on a point system involving national and PGA Section competitions from Jan. 1 through Dec. 18, 2015.

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2015 PGA Professional Player of the Year

FINAL Standings (through 12/18/15)

PGA Section                     Total Points

  1. Matt Dobyns, Glen Head, N.Y.              Metropolitan                             1150.000
  2. Bob  Sowards, Dublin, Ohio                  Southern Ohio                           892.500
  3. Rod Perry, Port Orange, Fla.                 North Florida                             862.500
  4. Alan Morin, Lake Worth, Fla                 South Florida                             837.500
  5. Ben Polland, Manhasset, N.Y.               Metropolitan                              822.500
  6. Adam Rainaud, South Hadley, Mass.   Connecticut                               808.750

T7   Sean Dougherty, Leawood, Kansas     Midwest                                      780.000

T7   Omar Uresti, Austin, Texas                   Southern Texas                         780.000

  1. Brian Cairns, Walled Lake, Mich.         Michigan                                    696.250

T10 Scott Berliner, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. NE New York                             645.000

T10 Garrett Okamura, Wailuku, Hawaii      Aloha                                          645.000                                                                                   

 2015 Senior PGA Professional Player of the Year 

FINAL Standings (through 12/18/15)


                                                     PGA Section           Total Points 

  1. Brian Cairns, Walled Lake, Mich.         Michigan                           813.550
  2. Don Berry, Rogers, Minn.                      Minnesota                         754.620
  3. Jim Carter, Scottsdale, Ariz.                 Southwest                         668.410  
  4. Jerry Haas, Winston-Salem, N.C.         Carolinas                           646.000
  5. Sonny Skinner, Sylvester, Ga.               Georgia                              636.550  
  6. Brad Lardon, College Station, Texas   Southern Texas                617.830
  7. Rick Schuller, Chester, Va.                   Middle Atlantic                 611.917
  8. Kevin Burton, Boise, Idaho                   Rocky Mountain               550.000
  9. Stuart Smith, Reno, Nev..                      Northern California          525.000
  10. Todd McCorkle, Birmingham, Ala.       Dixie                                  479.000 


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