2018 Michigan PGA Spring Meeting & Education Seminar

The Section held its Spring Meeting on Monday, March 26 with over 200 members and apprentices in attendance. President Kevin McKinley welcomed everyone to Eagle Eye Golf Club, and welcomed special guests Chris Coffman, The Ally Challenge, Hannah Davis, Folds of Honor Scholarship Recipient, Kim Shafer, Regional Sales Manager-PGA Jr. League, Todd Smith, PGA Career Services Consultant, Alex Wassom, who sang the national anthem, the Honor Guard from VFW Post 7309 in Mason, Michigan and all Past Presidents in attendance.

After the ceremony from the Honor Guard, Mr. Wassom sang a wonderful rendition of our national anthem. Raquel Bryant then delivered the invocation and remembered deceased Members Curtis George, Stan Jawor and Larry Tomasino.

President McKinley apprised the Membership on the Strategic Plan and some of the already finalized goals and objectives. He explained that not all committee chairs are board members, but an officer or board member sits on each committee to report back to the board. Committee chairs were picked based on the best leader to make change for that committee. He also disclosed to the membership that District 5 Director John Lindert is one of four candidates running for National Secretary.

Vice President Bob Bales, along with Executive Director Kevin Helm, reviewed the Section’s investments as well as year-end financials.

Secretary John Pershern acknowledged and welcomed new members and quarter century members. He also congratulated Michigan Golf Hall of Fame inductee Tom Harding.

PGA Career Consultant Todd Smith introduced himself and reviewed a brief PowerPoint presentation. He urged the membership to complete the 2018 Compensation Survey by March 31.

PGA Jr. League Regional Manager Kim Shafer also introduced herself and reviewed exciting new items for 2018.

Junior Grant of the Year Award recipient Pam Phipps, PGA

The meeting then went into a town hall format with President McKinley introducing Folds of Honor Scholarship recipient Hannah Davis, who gave a poignant speech and thanked PGA members for their continued support of the organization.

Tournament Chair Ian Ziska, along with Jim Deiters, Jason Guss and Cody Haughton, talked about what playing in events means to them.

Growth of the Game Chair Stephanie Jennings then recognized the Junior Grant Program of the Year Award to Pam Phipps and Adult Grant Program of the

Adult Grant of the Year Award recipient Brian Kotowicz, PGA

Year Award to Brian Kotowicz. Along with Kotowicz and Phipps, they were joined by Andre Pillow and Kelly Sivier talking about various best practices, etc. regarding junior programs and how they tailor their respective programs to their participants.

The last portion of the town hall featured District 5 Director John Lindert and National Secretary Candidate, along with Jim Dewling, Andre Pillow and Mike Rey, talking about their own experiences as it relates to governance and leadership.

About 53 invited guests had Lunch with the President, an inspiring presentation by President McKinley who discussed the benefits of leadership, leadership opportunities and how to be an all-star board member.

The afternoon education portion featured Dawes Marlatt, PGA Master Professional, Senior Director for Education and Organizational Development at PGA of America, and Todd Sammons, Director, Member Education at PGA of America, who talked about ideas and the new direction within the PGA of America’s Education Department. A large part of the seminar had attendees participate in PGA Business Management Simulations that delivered real world scenarios aligned with a primary focus on improving marketing, sales, leadership, revenue management and financial management at a golf facility. 

Thank you to Ahead and WholesaleGRIPS.com for sponsoring the luncheon.



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