2019 Michigan PGA Spring Meeting/Teaching & Coaching Summit

Spring Meeting

Date: Monday, March 25, 2019

Time: 8:30am until approximately Noon

Place: Eagle Eye Golf Club

MSRs: 4 credits

Register: No registration is needed!

Forms: Agenda

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Candidate’s Forum

Nominations are currently being accepted for the office of Secretary. Candidates nominated and seconded ten (10) days prior to the Spring Meeting will be included in the forum. Candidates nominated and seconded after this date will still be allowed to run but not be included in the Forum. Officer elections will take place at the October 28th, 2019 Fall Meeting.

Nominations and seconds should be sent to Diane at dlazaros@michiganpga.com.

Click here to read the nomination and election procedures.

Included in the Candidate’s Forum for the Office of Secretary are:

Stephanie Jennings, PGA, Eastern Michigan University
Dean Kolstad, PGA, Gull Lake View Golf Resort
John Seltzer, PGA, Seltzer Golf School

Committee/Chapter/Senior Organization Reports

Chapter Liaison
Career Services
Growth of the Game
Patriot Golf Day
Special Awards
Eastern Chapter
Northern Chapter
Western Chapter
Senior’s Organization


Teaching & Coaching Summit

Dates: Monday, March 25, 2019 – 1pm-5pm
             Tuesday, March 26, 2019 – 8:30am-5pm

Place: Eagle Eye Golf Club

Cost: $125 (both days) | $45 Monday only | $95 Tuesday only

MSRs: 4 credits on Monday; 8 credits on Tuesday

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Joe Hallett, PGA (bio)

“Lessons Learned on the LPGA- Those Women Rock!”

This presentation will cover some of the key elements that LPGA players have in their swings and games that allow them to compete at the highest level all over the world and how they can help your mid to high level players get the most out of their games.

There will be added emphasis on (1) how to coach more efficiently; (2) coming trends that we are starting to see put into play and (3) the true basis of speed control and it’s importance in the overall game!


Mike Napoleon, PGA
SuperSpeed Golf

Mike is a PGA Certified Professional and TPI Certified who strives to continually innovate modern coaching methodology, Mike believes deeply that truly expert coaches produce lastly positive change with very little input.

For many years Mike owned and operated Catalyst Golf Performance in the Chicago area. This golf performance academy incorporated golf coaches, golf fitness professionals, rehabilitation experts, nutritionists, and club fitters to provide a comprehensive one stop shop for golf game improvement. In 2012, Michael began product R&D on an Overspeed training product called the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, released in the fall of 2014.

Since the launch, SuperSpeed Golf has become a global brand and a new standard for speed training in the golf swing. Now with over 500 touring professionals actively working with SuperSpeed Golf, Michael and his team at SuperSpeed are making a distinct impact on the games of golfers all over the World educating fellow professionals about not only speed training, but also business strategy, golf biomechanics, and coaching science.



Mike Shannon, PGA (bio)

  • The evolution of putting-  look back at the history of putting to understand why we teach putting today the way we do.
  • The six commonalities of great putters
  • Giving a Quality Putting Lesson. This a step-by-step presentation on giving the best putting possible.


Mike Borland, Mizuno

At Mizuno, we feel teaching and fitting go hand-in-hand with each other. Proper swing with the correct equipment. During our presentation we will cover, custom fitting with the Mizuno PFS (Performance Fitting System) which includes our award winning Shaft Optimizer. 

The Shaft Optimizer measures a variety of variables in the swing (swing speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle, release) to help find right away the best shafts to fit each golfer. It also provides the proper lie angle as well a best set gapping for set make-up.


Ed Laprade, Michigan PGA Member (bio)

“Five Things That I Wish I Knew When I Started Teaching” 

Topics include:  Turning around the center, posture, plane, explaining the grip, and what is a square club face as well as real world application of the concepts. 


Zach Theut, Michigan PGA Member (bio)

“Supporting Players to Become Their Own Best Coach”

Learn the benefits and how to implement awareness training in order to support players to be their own best coach. 


Jennings, PGA
Kelly Plaisier, PGA Kelly Kuhlman, PGA
(bio) (bio) (bio)

“The College Golf Experience: What you Need to Know and
How to Prepare your Prospective Student Athlete.”

Stephanie will team up with Michigan PGA Professionals, Kelly Kuhlman and Kelly Plaiser to cover:

  • Recruiting Compliance 101- important dates & grade levels
  • What college coaches are seeking in a PSA
  • How to prepare your PSA for college golf
  • Q & A Session


Andy Matthews, Neuropeak Pro

During this educational and interactive seminar, Neuropeak Pro’s team of experts will share their experiences working with elite performers around the world while breaking down the science behind peak performance. 

Topics will include breathing structure and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training, visual performance enhancement, neurofeedback, hormone monitoring, sleep, and nutrition, and how each play an integral role in helping athletes perform at their very best, on and off the golf course.


Thank you Mizuno and SuperSpeed Golf for sponsoring
the Teaching & Coaching Summit