Sub-Regional Qualifiers




Should a player advance through Local qualifying, the Sub-Regional and Regional qualifying sites will be pre-determined based upon the Local qualifying site. Once a Local Qualifying site has been chosen, we cannot change any player from one Sub-Regional or Regional to another site.



2020 Sites & Results

Facility Date Results Regional

The Orchards Golf Club


August 13, 2020 Results

Oakland Hills Country Club

October 10, 2020

Kent Country Club


August 29, 2020 Results

Oakland Hills Country Club

October 10, 2020



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Sub-Regional Qualifiers

  • The competition will start between the hours of 8:00am – 11:00am.

  • The official starting time will be emailed along with the Pairings & Tee Times four days prior to the event.

  • The order of play is oldest to youngest when assigning start times (Boys 14-15, Girls 14-15, Boys 12-13, Girls 12-13, etc.).

  • Pairings are completely random.

  • For a Sub-Regional, each division is made up of 15 competitors. Awards are given out after each division is complete.

  • It takes a competitor about 15 minutes to complete all three stations.

  • The order of competition is Drive, then Chip, and then Putt.

  • Spectators are not allowed to give advice or interact with the competitors during the competition, aside from clapping and general encouragement.

  • The top two Overall Winners from each age/gender division will advance to the Regional (16 total).

  • Should a player advance through Sub-Regional qualifying, the Regional qualifying site will be pre-determined and therefore cannot be changed. The Road to Augusta is set in stone.