Assistant Golf Professional of the Year

Criteria includes:

  • Strengths as a player/teacher/merchandiser/tournament administrator/business person and overall golf professional.
  • Contributions made to the success of the candidate’s facility and the game of golf itself.
  • Character, image and integrity of the candidate.
  • Examples of the candidate’s mentors.

Emily Rohdy | 2019 Assistant Golf Professional of the Year


Assistant Golf Professional of the Year Award Winners

2019-Emily Rohdy
2018-AJ Partenio
2017-Rocky Mullendore
2016-Heath Scott     
2015-Kyle Horton
2014-Jeff Rachar
2013-Paul Townsend
2012-Rick Slaght
2011-Kelly Sivier
2010-Adam Howe
2009-Karen VandenBerg
2008-Peter Mogg
2007-Paul Lehnert
2006-Jeremy Lathwell
2005-John Myers
2004-Jeff Ferry
2003-Todd Scarafoni
2002-Brian Dice
2001-Jim Amiot
2000-Al Kuhn
1999-Ted Tallefson
1998-Karen VandenBerg
1997-David Vaclav
1996-Bill Jayne
1995-Glenn Pulice
1994-Peter Driscoll
1993-Bob Magness
1992-Jon Helmker
1991-Timothy Bennett
1990-Michael Areddy