Bill Strausbaugh

Criteria includes:

  • Involvement and significant contribution through mentoring of fellow PGA professionals/apprentices/PGM students.
  • Recognition as a person of outstanding integrity and character that reinforces the values and image of the association.
  • Level of service and activity to the section, association and the game itself.
  • Previous awards and participation in non-golf community/civic activities.

Bernie Friedrich | 2019 Bill Strausbaugh Award


Bill Strausbaugh Award Winners

2019-Bernie Friedrich
2018-Kevin McKinley
2017-Jeff O’Malley
2016-Ian Ziska
2015-Mike Areddy
2014-Dick Stewart
2013-Wally Sierakowski 
2012-Lynn Janson
2011-Dick Stewart
2010-Mike Chumbler
2009-Frank McAuliffe
2008-John Lindert
2007-Mark Wilson
2006-Mark Black
2005-No Nominees
2004-Brian Sanderson
2003-Bill Shriver 
2002-Rodger Jabara
2001-Michael Kernicki
2000-James Dewling
1999-Gordon Marmion
1998-John Lindeman 
1997-Jon Gates
1996-Jon Gates
1995-James Dewling
1994-James Dewling
1993-Richard Stewart
1992-Richard Stewart
1991-Richard Stewart
1990-Richard Stewart
1989-John R Williams
1988-Richard Stewart
1987-Roger Van Dyke
1986-Roger Van Dyke