Bobby Clampett earns PGA Master Professional status in Teaching & Coaching

By john.holmes

Bobby Clampett

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Bobby Clampett has become the first PGA Tour or Champions Tour player to earn the designation of PGA Master Professional in Teaching and Coaching.

Most of us know Bobby Clampett for his 15 years on the PGA Tour player and, more recently, a couple years on the Champions Tour, along with his work as a golf analyst for CBS, TNT and the Golf Channel. Now, though, he’s added a new achievement: He’s a PGA Master Professional in Teaching and Coaching.

Clampett, 53, has become the third PGA Professional to graduate from the new PGA Master Professional Program 2.0 – the highest educational designation a PGA member can attain. He is also the first PGA Tour or Champions Tour player to be certified in instruction through this advanced program.

“It is a distinct honor, as a member of the PGA Tour, to receive the PGA Master Professional designation, particularly since instruction is so close to my heart,” said Clampett. “This also is a significant milestone for me, one that commemorates my development of Impact-Based teaching, as presented in my book, ‘The Impact Zone,’ and my new video series, ‘The Impact-Zone Training System, ‘ which started me on the path to completing the PGA Master Professional program.

”My primary goal is for all golfers to understand how to improve faster and easier and enjoy the game more.”

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The PGA Master Professional Program is available to PGA Professionals who have earned advanced certification through the PGA Certified Professional Program, which was launched in 2004. After a PGA member obtains PGA Certified Professional status, he or she is eligible to work toward a Master Professional designation by preparing a special project approved by a panel of examiners from the PGA Education Department. The applicant then presents the project to a panel and defends his or her methodology.

The curriculum is comprised of an extensive project based on the specific certification that the PGA member has acquired. The project includes a detailed demonstration overseen and evaluated by PGA Master Professionals, PGA Subject Matter Experts and professional testing consultants. A PGA member becomes a Master Professional upon approval of the project and successful completion of a presentation (which includes a Live Lesson for the Teaching & Coaching Certification).

The program requires a minimum of eight years of PGA membership in order to be eligible to earn PGA Master Professional status.


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