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President – AJ Partenio
Vice President – Chris Sullivan
Secretary/Tournament Chair – Jeff Gniewek
Co-Tournament Chair – Josh Fryer
Sponsor Chair – John Pershern

2019 Chapter Champion

Kyle Martin

2019 Eastern Chapter Rules & Regulations

Please click here for the Rules & Regulations

2019 Eastern Chapter Playing Permit/Entry Form/GAM Index Form

Please click  HERE to purchase the Chapter Permit online, or HERE to print.

Permit Fees

$100 – B-8 and A-8 ONLY
$125 – All others

2019 Section Playing Permit & Policy

Please click  HERE to purchase the Section Permit (must be purchased in advance of the Chapter Permit), click HERE for eligibility.

2019 Match Play

All players that sign up are entered directly into Match Play. It will either be a 32 or 64 person bracket with byes depending on the amount of sign ups. Seeding will be off last year’s Chapter Championship results. If the player did not participate in the 2018 Chapter Championship their seed will be based on order of entry. You must be a member of the Eastern Chapter to register.

1st Round matches will begin the first week in May. Round deadlines will be set after the bracket has been established. If matches are not completed in the specified time both participants forfeit. The lower seed (1 vs 16) #1 will choose the location at an agreed upon time.

(4) will qualify to the Section Match Play Championship
Entry Deadline: May 10th

 Click HERE to register

Pro Am Entry Form

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