Family Cup

PGA Family Cup is designed to bring families together in a way that strengthens relationships, creates lifelong golfers and builds vibrant communities at the golf course.

This event is open to PGA Members and their families and any Family in our Michigan Community!

A “Family” is defined however YOU see fit, meaning your team can have parents, aunts, uncles, grandparent, family friends, pick the people you would want to enjoy a round of golf with!

2020 PGA Family Cup

Where: Spring Meadows Country Club

September 12, 2020

Entry Deadline:
September 3, 2020

Your family will need to have one junior 17 or under and one adult 18 or older playing at all times. You can have 2-6 players per team. Every three holes your family will have the opportunity to switch out players, you can switch one, two or no players, just remember one junior and one adult must be playing at all times!

Format: We will not have age divisions, but we do have two separate contests

  • Scramble: Both team members play a ball and select the best shot, each plays from the selected location and continue this way until a ball is holed
  • Pinehurst: Both team members hit drives and select the best shot, they then play alternate shot from the selected location until the ball is holed

Course Set-Up:

Scramble Course Set up Par 3’s & 4’s only:

  • Par 3 yardages (75-150 yds per hole)
  • Par 4 yardages (160-300 yds per hole)
  • All team members play from one tee
  • Standard stroke play scoring

Pinehurst Course Set Up:

  • Recommended junior 18-hole yardages
  • Girls 10-14 and Boys 10-13 (max yardage of 2900)
  • Girls 15-17 and Boys 14-17 (max yardage of 3100)
  • Recommended adult 18-hole yardages
  • Adult will play the same teeing area as the oldest junior on their team
  • Standard stroke play scoring

Contact Chelsea Guoynes at the Section office with any questions!