Q.  My employment/personal information has changed, how do I notify the Section and National?

All Changes can be done online at www.pgalinks.com , members only, Member Information Service Center. 

Q.  I have changed jobs, when should I notify the section?

All changes must be made within 10 days of accepting, leaving your position to avoid being fined! 

Q.  I need help revising my resume, who should I talk to?

Tim Marks is the Career Services Consultant for the Michigan Section, he can be reached at 815.630.5196. 

Q.  How come I am not being notified of positions offered through CareerLinks?

Please be sure that all of your information is current in CareerLinks.  You may do this by going www.pgalinks.com , Members Only, PGA Employment Center. 

Q.  I took a class/seminar, how do I get MSR hours?

We would need a certificate of Completion, or proof that you attended along with date, time and description. 

Q.  Who is eligible to play in a Michigan PGA event?

Professionals eligible to compete (providing the applicable rules of the event being played will permit) in any Michigan Section sponsored and co-sponsored events, must fall within the scope of the following listed requirements:

1. Be a member in good standing in the Michigan PGA.
2. Be a PGA Apprentice holding a current year Michigan Section playing permit.
3. All Class “F”, “Inactive” or “Suspended” members are ineligible to participate in any event.
4. Any player that has played in more than twelve (12) combined PGA Tour, Senior  PGA Tour, Nike Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA European Tour, Canadian Tour, Australia/New Zealand Tour, JPGA Tour, Sunshine Tour (South Africa), Asian Tour, Safari Tour, PGA Challenge Tour, Senior Series, European Seniors Tour, JPGA Senior Tour, WPGT, JLPGA Tour, Golden Bear Tour, and The Hooter’s Tour, excluding the PGA Seniors’ Championship, the PGA Championship, the US Open and the US Senior Open, events during any past twelve (12) months may only compete, if otherwise eligible, in the Michigan Open, Men’s Senior Open, Women’s Open, Tournament of Champions, and Chapter Pro-Ams. 

Q.  What events can Michigan PGA Apprentices play in?

Along with a current year Section Playing Permit, Michigan PGA Apprentices may play in: Spring Scramble, Senior-Junior, Michigan Open,  Pro-Pro, Pro-Assistant, Match Play Championship, State Assistants,  Las Vegas Pro-Am, Nike Golf State Pro Am and the Taylor Made Pro Am  

Q.  What is the Michigan PGA Withdrawal Policy?

A contestant may withdraw from any section sponsored or co-sponsored event prior to the assigned tee off time for any reason.  The entry fee will be refunded only if, (a) the withdrawal occurs prior to the entry deadline or (b) if after the entry deadline the players position in the starting field is replaced by an   alternate player from the event waiting list or (c) if after the entry deadline, but prior to the assigned tee off time, a player withdraws for medical reasons and supplies written doctor verification within 10 days of the completion of the event.  All withdrawals must be in written form sent to the Section Office via fax (517) 641-7830, mail, or email. 

If you must withdraw during the weekend prior to an event on Monday, please email Justin Phillips at jphillips@michiganpga.com .  Be sure to include if it is for a medical reason. You must also fax the Section Office. 

Q.  What is the Michigan PGA Cart Policy?

1. A player’s clubs must be transported on a golf car.
2. Only players will be allowed to ride on the golf car (no caddies or spectators).
3. Golf cars should not be taken from the cart staging area until both players have arrived and are ready for play.
4. All players must ride from each tee to the area of their drive or to the green on a par-3.
5. When a golf car is employed by two players, the cart and any person or thing in it is always deemed to be the equipment of the players whose ball is involved, except when the car is being driven by one of the players employing it, in which case the car and its contents are considered the equipment of that player.
6. Golf cars must not be driven up the sides of the green and/or tees. Cars should be driven of the cart paths as much as possible and across the fairway at a 90-degree angle.  When so restricted, the carts must remain on the paths at all times. 
7. It is imperative that all players return their cars to the cart staging area immediately upon completion of their round. Do not leave them at the various courses or their respective areas or parking lots.
8. Any golf cars not employed by contestants must be authorized by the Tournament Committee Chairman, Executive Director, Tournament Supervisor, Event Sponsor, or Host Facility.
9. All players must ride during Section team events 

Q.  Are Distance Measuring Devices allowed in Michigan PGA events?

Yes, Distance Measuring devices will be allowed in Michigan PGA events however, the devices must only be designed to measure distance and not any other conditions. The following Local Rule will be in the Michigan PGA Hard Card. 

DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: In this competition, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. However, if during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play(e.g., gradient, wind-speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used. 

Q.  What is the Michigan PGA Dress Code?

Male Professionals: Proper dress code is required at all Michigan PGA co-sponsored events. Jeans and shorts, of any style, cut-offs and tank tops are not permitted. Exception: Professionals may wear acceptable shorts in any section event except the Michigan Open, Tournament of Champions, PGA Championship and the Match Play Championship. Contestants not wearing proper attire shall not be permitted to compete. 

Female Professionals: Proper dress code is required at all Michigan PGA co-sponsored events. Jeans of any style, cut-offs and tank tops are not permitted. Proper attire can include skirts, culottes, dresses, slacks and golf styled Bermudas. Contestants not wearing proper attire shall not be permitted to compete. 

Amateurs: Amateur participants are required to adhere to the same dress code policy as professionals, with the exception that amateurs may wear acceptable shorts in any event except the Michigan Open and its qualifying events.