Golf in Schools


Golf In Schools Grant Application 

Curriculum covered for 19 schools in 2020

Equipment & Curriculum covered for one school in 2020

Applications due by March 31, 2020

How it works:

Talk to your local elementary/middle school. If they are interested in a golf program sit down with the PE teacher or principal and fill out the grant application together.

Curriculum Grant

Our Curriculum grant covers the $350 curriculum fee from the National Golf in School Program (NSP). These materials helps walk the PE teacher through how to implement golf into their class. This curriculum stays with the school for life, through an online training platform.

You can check out your Chapter’s or the Section’s SNAG equipment and bring it to the school to use for a two-week period.

Equipment & Curriculum Grant

Our Equipment & Curriculum grant covers the $350 NSP curriculum fee along with the purchase of new SNAG equipment. Having their own SNAG equipment helps the PE teacher become less reliant on needing the equipment to be checked out for them. Both the curriculum and the SNAG equipment will stay with the school for life.

Additional Information:

Each grant also has a $100 stipend for the PGA professionals. We recommend that you go to at least 3 sessions at the school to help the PE teacher implement the curriculum.

If you plan on running a Golf in Schools program in multiple schools, please apply for each school that you go to. For example, if you are planning on running a Golf in School program at five different schools, you would apply for the Curriculum Grant and the Equipment & Curriculum Grant five times, once for each school.

If awarded you will be connected with a Growth of the Game Committee member who will walk you through the equipment and lesson plans so you can go into the school confident and prepared!


Apply for the Curriculum Grant HERE

*Submit one application per schoool


Apply for the Equipment & Curriculum Grant HERE

*Submit one application per school