Special Awards

2017 Award winners Award winners will be formally announced and plaques will be given out at the Michigan PGA President’s Dinner, Sunday, October 22nd, 2017. The evening will provide an opportunity to honor the 2017 Special Award winners, outgoing Board of Directors, and newly inducted Michigan PGA Hall of Fame Members. (This event is invite only.)

Michigan Section PGA award winners will also be announced and plaques will be given out at the Section Fall Meeting on Monday, October 23rd, 2017.

Michigan PGA award winners are automatically submitted for consideration of the National Special Awards Program.

Special Awards Committee Members
Doug Kreis, Special Awards Committee Chair
Doug Bell
Jeremy Lathwell
Josh Lathwell
Pat Markley
Amy Pollack
Brian Sanderson
Kelly Sivier
Charley Vandenberg
John Paul Westbrook

2018 Special Awards Candidates will be announced October 20, 2017.

View the Special Awards Criteria Here!

For more information on the Michigan PGA Special Awards Program please contact:

Anna Epkey
Michigan Section PGA
Communications Coordinator