Legislators Made Aware of Golf’s Impact at Michigan Golf Day at the Capitol



LANSING, MI – State Rep. Kevin Cotter lives next to Bucks Run Golf Club in Mount Pleasant and has a true passion for the game and the industry.

“Golf is truly special, especially in Michigan,” he said while attending “Michigan Golf Day at the Capitol” Thursday.

“It’s very important to Michigan, very important to our tourism and I’m a big advocate for the game. Mother Nature cooperated today. We’re getting this great lunch. It’s a great idea to get us all together to learn about the game and about its importance to Michigan.”

The Michigan Golf Alliance, made up of the state’s major golf industry associations, joined forces to bring the Michigan golf message to legislators.

The Michigan Golf Course Owners Association, the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association, the Michigan Section PGA, the Golf Association of Michigan, the Greater Michigan Club Managers Associations and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation gathered on the lawn of the state Capitol and visited with each legislator in their Senate and House offices. Legislators and staff members were also treated to a “lunch at the turn” provided by Eagle Eye Golf Course in Bath.

Lieutenant Gov. Brian Calley made opening remarks and presented a proclamation from Gov. Rick Snyder that declared June as “Pure Michigan Golf Month.”

The golf leaders discussed various topics relating to the industry, including the well-received “Pure Michigan” campaign and golf’s efforts to have a positive effect on the environment.

Rep. Cotter said the golf course next to his home is a perfect example of the industry’s positive impact on Michigan.

“It’s a place that at one time was an open mine operation for gravel and sand,” he said. “It sat around for years and really wasn’t a high use property.  The idea came along to turn it into a golf club and it has led to tremendous thing, brought in jobs, increased home values in the area. It has been tremendous.”

Kate Moore, executive director of the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association, was thrilled by the response of legislators and the large crowd that joined the alliance members for lunch.

“It’s a great response and a wonderful opportunity for our industry leaders to share their message,” she said. “Lieutenant Governor Calley made a great speech to kick things off and the proclamation shows that the Governor is aware of golf’s impact in the state.”

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