Members on the Move

As of 10/6/17

New Member

Carolyn Schaner – A-8 at Thornapple Pointe Golf Club


Patrick Gallagher – A-19 at Mitchell Golf Equipment effective 10/2/17.


As of 8/31/17

New Members

Brandon Jamieson – A-8 at Spring Lake Country Club

Derek Thornberry – A-8 at Stonegate Golf Club

Nicholas Townsend – A-1 at Timber Ridge Golf Club


Greg Doll – Transfer from South Florida Section. A-8 at The Orchards effective 8/26.

Al Kuhn – A-13 at Oakhurst Golf & Country Club effective 7/24 from A-13 at the Fountains Golf & Banquet.


As of 7/31/17

New Members

Marcus Mielke – A-6 at Twin Lakes Golf Club

James Troy – A-6 at Golf Performance Academy.


Gary Koenes – Transfer from Southwest Section.

Al Lopez – LM Retired.

Alex Lorencz – A-8 at Spartan Golf Academy from A-6 there.

John Minnich – A-8 at Indianwood Golf & Country Club effective 7/18.

Steve Scheuermann – LM Retired.


As of 7/13/17

Matt Holmes – LM Retired

Corky Marcinkowski – LM Retired


As of 7/5/17

Tami Bealert – A-14 at Hickory Creek Golf Course effective 6/20 from A-14 at X Golf Novi.

Dave VanLoozen – A-6 at Oakland Hills Country Club effective 4/14 from A-8 at Edgewood Country Club.


As of 6/7/17

New Members

Paul Mercer – A-8 at Red Run Golf Club

Zachary Schultz – A-8 at Arcadia Bluffs


Reed Black – Transfer from Southwest Section. A-8 at Spring Meadows Country Club effective 5/30.

Keith Grunch – A-13 at Dunmaglas Golf Club effective 5/16 from A-1 at Charlevoix Country Club.

Doug Lichty – A-14 at Northport Creek Golf Course effective 5/31 from A-2 at Traverse City Golf Center.

Kelly Plaisier – Transfer from Colorado Section. A-6 at Thousand Oaks Golf Club effective 6/3.

Benjamin Tinti – Transfer from Illinois Section.

Gina Yoder – Transfer from Philadelphia Section. A-1 at Forest Akers Golf Course effective 5/24.


As of 5/22/17

Patrick Gallagher – A-6 at Cedar Chase Golf Club effective 5/11 from A-24 at Treetops Resort.

David Hill – A-13 at Antrim Dells Golf Club effective 5/1 from A-4 at Grandview Golf Club.

Ezekiel Schwartz – Transfer from Southern California Section. A-8 at Barton Hills Country Club effective 4/18.

Christopher Wach – A-8 at Twin Beach Country Club effective 5/18 from A-8 at Treetops Resort.


As of 5/2/17

Ty Bouwens – A-8 at Kalamazoo Country Club effective 4/16 from A-8 at Bedford Valley Golf Club.

Patrick Gallagher – A-24 at Treetops Resort effective 4/17.

Shane Hollandsworth – A-6 at A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort effective 4/24 from A-6 at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa.

Michael Kernicki – Transfer from Northern Ohio Section. A-13 at True North effective 4/16.

James Leland – Transfer from Midwest Section. A-1 at St. Ives Golf Club effective 4/26.



As of 4/18/17

Eric Conroy – Transfer from Southern California Section. A-8 at Thousand Oaks Golf Club effective 4/7.

Mark Hogan – A-1 at Treetops Resort-North from A-8 there.

Alex Krumm – A-8 at Detroit Golf Club effective 4/18.

Corey May – A-8 at Boyne Highlands effective 4/25.

Stuart Spyker – Transfer from Colorado Section.

Robert Wilson – A-8 at Boyne Highlands-Ross effective 4/28 from A-8 at True North.



As of 4/4/17

Bob Bales – A-1 at The Lynx effective 3/28 from A-14 at Red Arrow Golf Course.

Rick Bond – A-8 at Oakland University Golf & Learning effective 3/15.

Todd Gilley – A-1 at Stoatin Brae from A-8 at Gull Lake View Golf Club.

Tyler Hansen – Transfer from South Florida Section. A-8 at Bucks Run Golf Club effective 4/1.

Adam Howe – A-1 at Gull Lake View Golf Club effective 3/1 from A-1 at The Moors Golf Club.

Stephanie Jennings – A-8 at Meadowbrook Country Club effective 3/28 from A-24 at Pine Trace Golf Club.

Alex Macko – A-8 at Jawor’s Golf Center from A-6 there.

James Raymond – A-1 at The Kingsley Club from A-8 there.

Eric Smith – A-4 at The Moors Golf Club effective 3/27.

Eric Spencer – A-2 at Foundation Golf Center effective 3/16 from A-1 at The Nightmare.


As of 3/21/17

Jim Gatza – A-13 at Stoatin Brae effective 2/27.

Alec Grant – A-8 at The Polo Fields G&CC-Ann Arbor effective 3/15.

Brooke Rodes – Transfer from Met Section. A-8 at LochenHeath effective 3/20.


As of 3/10/17

Mike Alpers – A-13 at Grand View Golf Club effective 4/2 from A-1 at Deer Run @ Lakes of the North.

Tim Child – A-8 at St. Clair River Country Club effective 3/1.

Aaron Caverley – A-8 at Leland Country Club effective 4/1.

Kelly Kuhlman – A-14 at Otsego Club effective 1/1 from A-6 at Twin Lakes Golf & Swim Club.

Barry Redmond -A-1 at Crooked Tree Golf Club effective 3/31 from A-6 at Boyne Resorts.


As of 3/1/17

New Member

Tyler Jablonski – A-8 at Quail Ridge Golf Club


James Leisenring – Transfer from Southwest Section. A-13 at Point O’Woods Country Club effective 2/1.

Jim Zeh – A-13 at Mt. Pleasant Country Club effective 2/24.


As of 2/17/17

Joe Hatch – Transfer from Wisconsin Section. A-1 at Stonewater Country Club effective 2/7.

Paul Toski – A-14 at Toski Golf Academy effective 1/1 from A-6 at Sanctuary Lake Golf Academy.

Mike Vyletel – Life Member Retired

Jimmy Wisinski – A-8 at Kent Country Club effective 2/15 from A-8 at Stonewater Country Club.


As of 2/3/17

New Members

Joseph Bohan – A-8 at Thousand Oaks Golf Club

Jarrett Dore – A-8 at Tullymore Golf Club

Daniel Peterson – A-8 at St. Ives Golf Club


Jason Conlin – A-4 at Northville Hills Golf Club effective 2/7.

Dave Mocini – Transfer from Pacific Northwest Section.

Matthew Swan – Transfer from Illinois Section. A-1 at Kent Country Club effective 1/18.


As of 1/18/17

New Members

Dillon Bailey – A-8 at Heather Golf Course

Chris McLaughlin – A-8 at Oakhurst Golf & Country Club

Brian Schueneman – A-1 at Harbour Shores at Lake Michigan


Todd Demarest – Transfer from Carolinas Section. A-6 at Tom Deaton’s Golf Center effective 1/23.

Andrew Engels – Transfer from Northern California Section. A-6 at GolfTEC-Grand Rapids effective 1/16.

Jeff Gunning – Transfer from South Florida Section. A-8 at Country Club of Detroit effective 2/22.

Tom McMichael – A-1 at Chikaming Country Club from A-8 there.

Andrew Mogg – A-6 at Kubica Golf effective 10/22 from A-6 at GolfTEC-Novi.

John Phillips – A-6 at Chikaming Country Club from A-4 there.

Kosta Ramirez – A-8 at Bloomfield Hills Country Club effective 4/1 from A-8 at Oakland Hills Country Club.

Kirk Sherwood – A-4 at Green Oaks Golf Course effective 1/9 from A-8 at Maple Hill Golf Course.

Chris Sobieck – A-9 at Thornapple Pointe, Watermark, StoneWater, Sunnybrook and Thousand Oaks Golf Clubs.


As of 1/6/17

Chris Bathje – A-1 at The Moors from A-8 there.

Chris Sullivan – A-20 at Johnnie-O effective 1/8 from A-20 at Spirit Leatherworks.



As of 12/12/16

New Member

Timothy Child – A-8 at Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club.


Ian Hughes – Transfer from Illinois Section. A-14 at GolfTEC Grand Rapids effective 12/1.

Fred Locke – LM Retired.

Ty Love – A-1 at Stonegate Golf Club effective 11/21 from A-1 at Lincoln Golf Club.

Chris Osentoski – Transfer from Carolinas Section. A-1 at Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club effective 3/6/17.

Pam Phipps – A-21 at Cheboygan County Junior Golf Academy Foundation effective 1/1/17 from A-13 at Indian River Golf Club.


As of 11/3/16

New Member

John Westhoff – A-8 at Gull Lake View


Tami Bealert – A-14 at X Golf Novi effective 10/18 from A-13 at Willow Metropark Golf Course.

Patrick Smith – Life Member Retired.



As of 10/11/16

Rick Bond – Transfer from Mid Atlantic Section.

Ryan Brehm – A-3 effective 10/5.

Corey Crowell – Transfer from Wisconsin Section. A-13 at Indian River Golf Club effective 11/1.

Heath Morden – Transfer from Tennessee Section. A-1 at TPC Michigan effective 9/21.

Kosta Ramirez – A-8 at Oakland Hills Country Club effective 10/4 from A-8 at Kent Country Club.


As of 10/6/16

New Members

Brian Corwin – Reinstated as A-6 at Brookside Golf & Grill.

Garrick Hunger – A-6 at Rick Smith Golf Academy at Oakland University

Ryon Sturtevant – A-8 at The Kingsley Club.


As of 9/27/16

Brad Dean – A-9 at Interlochen Golf Course effective 10/1 from A-4 at Crystal Mountain Resort.

Ryan Reynolds – Transfer from South Florida Section. A-1 at Stonycroft Hills Golf Club.

Jack Seltzer – A-14 at Seltzer Golf Academy from A-14 at King Par Golf.


As of 9/16/16

Jim Gatza – Reinstated to Inactive.

Steve Good – LM Retired.



As of 8/30/16

Todd Gilley – Transfer from Carolinas Section. A-8 at Gull Lake View Golf Club effective 8/1.

Dennis Rich – A-13 at St. Clair River Country Club from A-1 there.


As of 7/25/16

Donn Carlisle – Transfer from Iowa Section.

Scott Seifferlein – A-6 at Scott Lake Country Club from A-6 at Watermark Country Club.


As of 6/30/16

Steve Brady – A-1 at Oakland Hills Country Club from A-14 there.

Ryan Reynolds – Transfer from North Florida.

Ryan Rothman – A-8 at Blythefield Country Club effective 5/1.


As of 6/16/16

David Layman – Transfer from Southwest Section. A-9 at The Golf Shop effective 5/9.

Rikiya Nagakura – A-6 at Fox Hills Learning Center from A-6 at Links of Novi.

Dan Urban – A-1 at Gull Lake Country Club effective 5/25 from A-1 at Prestwick Village.

Scott Saunders – A-6 at Golf Services effective 6/5.