Merchandiser of the Year-Public

Criteria includes:

  • Summary of exemplary retail philosophy and image.
  • Examples of excellence in profit margin/stock turn/cost of goods/sales/dollars per round/inventory mix and other metrics used to evaluate golf shops.
  • Innovation in displays, merchandising techniques, staff training and the overall success and growth of the candidate’s operation.
  • Continued education and advancement in the retail arena

John Paul Westbrook | 2019 Merchandiser of the Year-Public


Merchandiser of the Year-Public Award Winners

2019-John Paul Westbrook
2018-Ian Ziska
2017-Ian Ziska
2016-Ian Ziska
2015-Jon Conklin
2014-Ian Ziska
2013-John Paul Westbrook
2012-Doug Lichty
2011-John Paul Westbrook
2010-Doug Lichty
2009-Doug Lichty
2008-Greg Babinec
2007-Gary Smithson
2006-Gary Smithson
2005-Chad Maxim
2004-No Nominees
2003-Mike Alpers
2002-Kevin O’Brien
2001-Kevin O’Brien
2000-Kevin O’Brien
1999-Kevin O’Brien
1998-Jim Roschek
1997-Jim Roschek
1996-Doug Grove
1995-Doug Grove
1994-Jim Norgart
1993-Carl Rose
1992-Jim Roschek