Michigan PGA Fall Meeting

The Michigan PGA held its Annual Fall Meeting on Monday, October 24. With approximately 230 Members in attendance, President Ron Osborne welcomed everyone to Eagle Eye Golf Club. He also welcomed special guests Legal Counsel John Allen, Chad Seymour, District 5 Director, Derek Sprague, PGA of American President and all Past Presidents in attendance.

Randy White administered the invocation and remembered deceased PGA member Roy Gunderson and the legendary Arnold Palmer.

President Osborne thanked the Board and staff for their commitment and dedication to the membership. Outgoing Board plaques were given to Roger Bliss, Adrian Jolliffe, John Pershern and Chris Sobieck.

Vice President Kevin McKinley reviewed budget numbers through September, 2016, and Executive Director Kevin Helm reviewed the Section’s investments.

Secretary Bob Bales acknowledged and welcomed new members, quarter century members and the 2016 Michigan PGA Hall of Fame inductees John Barnum, Steve Braun and Brian Cairns.


Honorary President Doug White then oversaw the voting for five At-Large Directors. Those elected by acclamation were Shaun Bezilla, Stephanie Jennings, Dean Kolstad, Doug Kreis and Aaron Waltz.

Special Awards Chair Doug Kreis presented the 2016 Special Awards winners in attendance their plaques. At the October 23 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board approved an online voting process going forward. Although moving to online voting may decrease the total number of voters, it is the hope of the Committee that those who take the time to vote will be better informed, resulting in the best candidates being interviewed.

In Tournament Chair John Seltzer’s absence, Kevin Muir gave a brief recap of the season, and acknowledged Player of the Year Scott Hebert.

All Chapters/Committees reports submitted can be found on www.michiganpgagolf.com.

The Section was pleased to have PGA of America President Derek Sprague give updates on National activities and tournament recaps. Then he, along with District 5 Director Chad Seymour and President Osborne, fielded questions from the membership in a town hall session for the remainder of the meeting.


Thank you to Pepsi for sponsoring the meeting.







The afternoon education consisted of Gregg Patterson, former General Manager at The Beach Club in Los Angeles, as well as a nationally renowned speaker and author, talk about Bringing “Hospitality” to the Pro Experience, Judgement Day and Strengthening the Manager-Pro Relationship. Over 80 Michigan PGA members were in attendance.

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