Michigan PGA Spring Meeting & Education Seminar

The Section held its Spring Meeting on Monday, March 21 with over 300 members and apprentices in attendance. President Ron Osborne welcomed everyone to Eagle Eye Golf Club. He also welcomed special guests Frank Chieppa, PGA, Player Development Regional Manager, Tim Marks, PGA, Employment Services Consultant, Dan McGuire of BlueGolf, and Hannah Davis and Paige Garber, Folds of Honor Scholarship recipients, and all Past Presidents in attendance. Jim Dewling delivered the invocation and remembered deceased member Ron Fox.

Vice President Kevin McKinley, along with Executive Director Kevin Helm, reviewed the Section’s investments as well as year-end financials.

Secretary Bob Bales acknowledged and welcomed new members and quarter century members. He also congratulated Michigan Golf Hall of Fame inductees Ken Allard and Steve Braun.


As part of the Patriot Golf Day report, Chair Kevin McKinley introduced Folds of Honor Scholarship recipients Hannah Davis and Paige Garber, who each gave an emotional speech and thanked PGA members for their continued support of the organization.

The meeting then went into a town hall format with Special Awards Chair Doug Kreis and award winners Ian Ziska, Jeremy Lathwell and Raquel Bryant talking about various best practices, etc. regarding merchandising, junior programs and mentoring.

Growth of the Game Chair Joe Simpson then recognized the Growth of the Game Committee, and introduced new staff member Chelsea Guoynes. Panelists Frank Chieppa, Stephanie Jennings and Glenn Pulice then spoke about the goals of the Committee: Strategic Plan that includes Golf in Schools, Females, Minorities and Millennials. Frank then talked about PGA Junior League, DCP, Get Golf Ready.

Dan McGuire of BlueGolf gave a brief overview of the new tournament software. He also talked about the new app which will feature a Member Directory that you can search by Member Name or Facility and see all members at the facility.

The last portion of the town hall featured Incoming District 5 Director John Lindert updating the membership on National activities, and President Osborne, Vice President McKinley, Secretary Bales and Past President Doug White each talking about their own experiences as it related to serving as an Officer and Board Member.

The afternoon education portion featured Mike Connaway, noted author, speaker and ‘coach’ who trains and motivates athletes, entrepreneurs and business leaders, to maximize their potential. Mike spoke about team building, having a world class mindset, and defeating self-sabotage – great for golf, business and everyday life

The second portion of the afternoon Tim Marks and John Allen focused on the components of a legally binding employment contract and how PGA professionals can put a contract in place and use it to their advantage. 

Thank you to PGA National Resort & Spa for hosting the meeting, WholesaleGRIPS.com for sponsoring the luncheon and Black Clover for sponsoring the Education Seminar.


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