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2017 Growth of the Game Activities! 

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2017 grant summaries, how to host a Drive, Chip & Putt qualifier, how to host a U.S. Kids Golf event, and how to host the 2018 pro-junior.


Drive, Chip & Putt

US Kids Golf

PGA Junior League Golf-Lexi

PGA Junior League Golf-Rickie

Host a Drive Chip & Putt

To apply to host a Drive, Chip & Putt please Click Here.

 This season we are looking to get a jump start on scheduling the Drive Chip & Putt contests.  This year we would like to offer the opportunity to host a Drive Chip & Putt qualifier to all PGA recognized facilities. We will be using the Google Form platform for applications. You can access the application via the link above. The application does have an in-depth description of the host facility requirements as well as a run-down of what to expect during the event. Please read over the document in its entirety before filling out the application. We are very excited to run these events, it is a great opportunity to really get involved with junior golf development, as well as show case your facility to new families in the area.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Chelsea at the Section

How we choose a DCP site:

  1. Does the facility meet the range, putting and chipping requirements for length and space?
  2. Is the facility in a good geographic location based on where our consumers are located?
  3. Is the facility going to be engaged and involved?
  4. Date and availability of the Facility

DCP Host facility stipend: $750


The application deadline is November 1st, 2017. We hope to have the facilities selected and scheduled by November 30th, 2017



For those Michigan PGA Members conducting Growth of the Game events at your facilities please inquire about the use of the following Michigan Section Equipment: Golfzilla

  • 2 Golfzilla
  • 2 inflatable hitting bays
  • 1 Golfgator
  • 1 Full Kwik Golf Set
  • 1 Large Snag Coaching Set
  • Snag Sticky Suit

For more info on check out dates please email Chelsea Guoynes at the Section

PGA Junior League Golf Captain Registration Now Open!


If you believe in

  • job security
  • changing the culture of junior golf
  • reaching new customers & keeping them engaged
  • building a fun, social and low pressure environment for golf
  • developing comradery
  • in being the center of an enriched golf community
  • being a part of a trending & cool program

Boy do I have a program for you- PGA Junior League Golf! Captain Registration is now open! 

Captain Registration Deadline is April 3rd!

Think about the best golf experience you’ve had…did it have to do with a special moment with your teammate, learning great values from your coach/instructor, winning, learning a new skill, traveling to new facility, or feeling like you’re a part of something special? PGA Junior League golf offers all of these experiences to its participants. This program is revolutionary in giving kids exposure to the game of golf! They have a relaxing team environment to grow and develop in, all while playing matches, winning and playing new facilities.

Captain registration is now open! Register here!

 **player registration is now open! Get your facility listed, sign up today!