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President – Matt Smith
Vice President – Jon Conklin
Secretary – Casey Powers
Tournament Chair – Scott Ashley

2017 Player of the Year

Scott Hebert

2017 Northern Chapter Rules & Regulations

Please click HERE for the Rules & Regulations

2018 Northern Chapter Playing Permit/Entry Form/GAM Index Fom

Please click  HERE to purchase the Chapter Permit online, or HERE to print.

2018 Section Playing Permit & Policy

Please click  HERE to purchase the Section Permit online, or HERE to print (must be purchased in advance of the Chapter Permit), click HERE for eligibility.

2018 Match Play

The format will consist of a qualifying round for seeding. Last year’s Match Play Champion is the automatic #1 seed. Everyone else who registers will have to play in the qualifying event, which is scheduled for Monday, May 14 at Traverse City Golf & Country Club. The qualifier will be an 8:30AM shotgun to determine the seeding with first round matches that afternoon beginning at 1:30.

After the first round, it is the golfers’ responsibility to play their next matches before a certain date, the lower seed will select the course. If there is a distance of over 100 miles between the players and their respective courses, then the lower seed will choose a neutral site to play their match within 100 miles for both players. In the case the players can’t get their match in, have a standing tee time at a predetermined site the day of the deadline and whoever shows is declared the winner.  If both players show, then they will play their match and a winner will be determined. 

(4) will qualify to the Section Match Play Championship
Entry Deadline: May 11

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2018 Tournament Schedule