Horton Smith Award

Criteria includes:

  • Candidate’s contributions, techniques and support of both National and Section Education programs and seminars.
  • Articles or programs that directly relate to education of fellow PGA Professionals.
  • Contributions made by the candidate to grow and strengthen the image of a PGA Professional.
  • Examples of the candidate’s leadership and networking ability.

Kevin McKinley | 2019 Horton Smith Award


Horton Smith Award Winners

2019-Kevin McKinley
2018-Ian Ziska
2017-Aaron Waltz
2016-Aaron Waltz
2015-John Lindert
2014-Aaron Waltz
2013-Aaron Waltz 
2012-Dick Stewart
2011-Jordan Young
2010-Dave Kendall
2009-Bob Bales
2008-Mark Wilson *
2007-Dave Mocini
2006-Mark Wilson
2005-Mark Black
2004-Matt Pinter
2003-Mike Hodgins
2002-Matt Pinter
2001-Matt Pinter
2000-Matt Pinter
1999-Dave Mocini
1998-Mark Wilson
1997-Dave Mocini
1996-Mark Wilson
1995-Mark Wilson
1994-Mark Wilson
1993-Mark Wilson
1992-Michael Kernicki
1991-Thomas VanHaaren
1990-Mark Wilson
1989-Frank Jawor
1988-Ron Smock
1987-John R. Williams
1986-Larry Startzel *
1985-Roger Van Dyke
1984-Richard Stewart
1983-Jim Dewling
1982-Bill Uzelac
1981-Tom Stewart
1980-Ron LaParl
1979-Jim Applegate
1978-Tom D Talkington
1977-Norm Bennett
1976-Warren Orlick
1975-Emil Beck *

 *National Award Winners