PGA Jr. League Michigan State Championship

PGA Jr. League Michigan State Championship

Contested at Binder Park Golf Course in Battle Creek, MI

Day One-Qualifier

230 kids from all over the state of Michigan joined us on our adventurous journey to crown a new PGA Jr. League State Champion. The All-Star Teams are comprised of 10 kids who represent the teams within their league.  Each team has a PGA/LPGA Captain. The 23 teams were broken up into 4 different pods with 5-6 teams in a pod. Each pod would compete with against each other for an opportunity to advance to the Final Four Match Play Championship.

Format: Stroke Play Aggregate Score-each team sent out 2 groups of 2 players and 2 groups of 3 players. The team is playing a two person scramble. Some of the groups do have a third player who will alternate in-out of competition. Each child will play at least 6 holes to contribute to the team score. Players record their scores for each hole. We take the best 3 out of 4 scores for the Team’s total. The lowest score from each pod will advance to the Final Four Match Play Championship. The teams play 9 holes.


AM Preserve Pod

Spartan Golf Academy @ MSU

Captain: Alex Lorencz                    Score: 140

Casually Legendary

Captain: Lynn Janson                     Score: 123

Southwest Michigan

Captain: Mark Versteeg-Lytwyn                                Score: 145

Angry Birdies

Captain: Jeff Hilbert                       Score: 137

Wie Love Golf

Captain: Ebon Saunders                                Score: 151

Birdie Bandits

Captain: Ty Bouwens                     Score: 125


AM Marsh Pod


Captain: Joe Charles                       Score: 146

It’s a Par-Tee

Captain: Matt Swan                        Score: 116

Grip it & Rip it

Captain: Raquel Bryant                 Score: 128

Traverse City

Captain: Scott Wilson                    Score: 101

 Golf Warriors

Captain: Andre Pillow                   Score: 127



PM Preserve Pod

Birdies Come Easy

Captain: Chris Osentoski              Score: 149

May The Course Be With You

Captain: Will Ellender                   Score: 152

Don’t Rory Be Happy

Captain: Tim Strickland                 Score: 108

Sandy Savers

Captain: Kevin Kaczocha               Score: 120

Teach Me How To Birdie

Captain: Mitch Bos                          Score: 133

Hear Me Rory

Captain: Stephanie Jennings      Score:127


PM Marsh Pod


Captain: Jeff Stalcup      Score: 100

Tee it High Let it Fly

Captain: Paul Toski         Score: 122

Putts & Pars

Captain: Kelly Sivier       Score: 115

Country Club of Detroit

Captain: Justin Pollock  Score: 130

Dude Where’s My Par?

Captain: Doug Brody      Score: 92

Birmingham Country Club

Captain: Steve Vecellio                Score: 142        




Casually Legendary 

Dude, Where’s My Par

Don’t Rory Be Happy

Traverse City

Day Two- Final Four Match Play Championship

Day Two started with a morning shotgun where the AM Pods would verse each other & the PM Pods would verse each other in a Match Play Format. PGA Jr. League uses Match Play for their regular season. The juniors are still playing a two-person scramble. Each pairing is competing in three 3-hole matches worth one point each. The teams are playing for 12 points.


Dude, Where’s My Par was victorious over Don’t Rory Be Happy and would face off with the Traverse City team who rose to victory over Casually Legendary.

Match 1 Results:

Dude, Where’s My Par-7 points VS. Don’t Rory Be Happy 5 points

Traverse City- 9.5 points VS. Casually Legendary 2.5 points

The final match was played in the afternoon with Dude, Where’s My Par competing against Traverse City again using the Match Play Format. After a three hour rain delay the matches were finally completed with Dude, Where’s My Par rising to victory with 7 Points over Traverse City with 5 Points.

Championship Match:Dude, Where’s My Par- 7 points VS. Traverse City- 5 Points


We would like to thank Ron Osborne for hosting and his AMAZING staff at Binder Park as well as the PGA of America crew who traveled great distances to help out with the event. THANK YOU Ron, Kim, Kara and Steve! 




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