Senior Organization


President – Jack Seltzer
Vice President – Jim Yuhas
Secretary – Kevin Muir

2018 Player of the Year


2018 Senior Organization Playing Permit

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2018 Section Playing Permit & Policy

Please click  HERE to purchase the Section Permit (must be purchased in advance of the Chapter Permit), click HERE for eligibility.

2018 Match Play

All players that sign up are entered directly into Match Play. It will either be a 16, 32 or 64 person bracket with byes depending on the amount of sign ups. Seeding will be off last year’s Senior Player of the Year points. Defending Senior Match Play Champion will be the #1 seed. Ties will be decided by blind draw. You must be a member of the Senior Organization to register.

For those players who recently turned 50 or will turn 50 prior to the Match Play Championship date, since they were unable to gain points for the Senior Association, they will be seeded based on their position on the Section Point list relative to those Senior participants position on the Section Point list.

Match play deadlines will be set after the bracket has been established. The lower seed will be responsible for contacting their opponent and has the privilege of determining the site of the match. The match MUST be played at a neutral site.

If the two players cannot come to an agreement on a location or time to play prior to the deadline, a tee time will be made at a neutral course decided by the Senior Tournament Chairman on the deadline date.  Both players are expected to attend and if one or both fail to appear, he, she, or both is disqualified.

(4) will qualify to the Section Match Play Championship
Entry Deadline: May 18

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2018 Tournament Schedule

April 24 – Senior Spring Pro-Pro-Pro  at Eagle Eye Golf Club
May 17 – Senior Pro Senior Am at Indianwood Golf & Country Club
July 9 – Club Car Senior Pro Am at Bedford Valley
July 10-11 – Club Car Senior Open at Bedford Valley
August 6-7 – Senior PGA Professional Championship at Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club