Teacher of the Year

Criteria includes:

  • Overall impact on teaching/coaching at the candidate’s facility to include number/hours of lessons/clinics and dollars generated.
  • Unusual, innovative or special teaching programs initiated or implemented.
  • Instructional articles, videos or publications written or produces.
  • Examples of innovative techniques/technologies used or specialty certifications that enhance the candidate’s programs, lessons and ability as an instructor.
  • Continued education and training in the area of golf instruction.

David VanLoozen | 2019 Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year Award Winners

2019-David VanLoozen
2018-Adam Schriber
2017-Jason Guss
2016- Jeff Goble
2015-Steve Brady
2014-Charles Vandenberg
2013-Jason Guss
2012-Jordan Young 
2011-Brad Dean
2010-Charles Vandenberg
2009-Bill Baldwin
2008-Paul Haase 
2007-Charles Vandenberg
2006-Bob Percey
2005-John DalCorobbo
2004-Dave Kendall
2003-Charles Vandenberg
2002-Gary Robinson
2001-Brad Dean
2000-Dave Kendall
1999-Brad Dean
1998-Charles Vandenberg
1997-Terri Anthony-Ryan
1996-Rick Smith
1995-Henry Young
1994-Rick Smith
1993-Dick Bury
1992-Rick Smith
1991-Ronald English
1990-Ronald LaParl
1989-Alex Redmond
1988-Glenn Hall
1987-Glenn Hall