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President – Matt Koets
Vice President – Kyle Horton
Secretary/Tournament Chair – John Seltzer
Sponsor Chair – 

2019 Chapter Champion

Matt Thompson

2019 Western Chapter Rules & Regulations

Please click here for the Rules & Regulations

2019 Western Chapter Playing Permit/Entry Fee

Please click  HERE to purchase the Chapter Permit online, or HERE to print.

Permit Fees

$60 – All Class B
$110 – All Class A

2019 Section Playing Permit & Policy

Please click  HERE to purchase the Section Permit (must be purchased in advance of the Chapter Permit), click HERE for eligibility.

2019 Match Play

All players that sign up are entered into Match Play.  The bracket will be a 32 or 64 person bracket with seeding based on the 2018 Chapter Championship results with byes depending on the number of signups.  If a player finished outside of the top 32 or did not participate in the 2018 Chapter Championship, their seed will be based on order of entry.  You must be a member of the Western Chapter to register.

Registration will open on APRIL 1 and close once we have a field of 36 or at the conclusion of the Spring Pro – Pro, whichever happens first.

1st round matches will begin on May 1 with match deadlines to be as follows:

  • Round One- June 11
  • Round Two- July 22
  • Round Three- August 20
  • Round schedules will be adjusted with a 64 player bracket

The lowest seed is responsible for contacting their opponent and has the privilege of determining the site of the match.  The match MUST be played at a neutral site within the Western Chapter boundaries and both players must agree on the time of the match.  If the two players cannot come to an agreement on a location or time to play prior to the deadline, a tee time will be made at the tournament chairperson’s course on the deadline date.  Both players are expected to attend and if one or both fail to appear, he, she, or both is disqualified. 

(4) will qualify for the Section Match Play Championship

Click HERE to register