2019 Michigan PGA Spring Meeting/Teaching & Coaching Summit

The Section held its Spring Meeting on Monday, March 25 at Eagle Eye Golf Club with over 260 members and associates in attendance.

President Kevin McKinley welcomed special guests John Allen, Legal counsel, Chris Coffman, The Ally Challenge, Tiffany Eckert, Folds of Honor, John Lindert, PGA of America Secretary, Retired Sargent Dustin Mansour, Ron Osborne, District 5 Director, Kim Shafer, PGA Jr. League Regional League Manager and Todd Smith, Career Services Consultant.

Joe Schumer delivered the invocation.

Kevin apprised the membership on the Strategic Plan and some of the already finalized goals and objectives. Like football helmet stickers, also known as reward decals and pride stickers which denote either individual or team accomplishments, the Section has adopted the same approach. Each time an action item is completed, the Committee is awarded a success sticker. Aaron Waltz, Fritz Middleton, Stephanie Jennings, Ron Osborne, Adrian Jolliffe and Dave Mocini each placed success stickers on the helmet!

Vice President Bob Bales, along with Executive Director Kevin Helm, reviewed the Section’s investments as well as year-end financials.

Secretary John Pershern acknowledged and welcomed newly-elected/transferred members who were given a PGA Member pin. He also recognized quarter century members, Golf Digest’s 100 Top Teacher Adam Schriber as well as Pilgrim Run’s Jeff O’Malley and his staff for being awarded the #1 friendliest staff in the country by website users of Golf Advisor.

Honorary President Ron Osborne oversaw a candidate’s forum with Stephanie Jennings, Dean Kolstad (video) and John Seltzer (video) talking about their desire to run for the office of Secretary.

Business discussions included information from Career Services Consultant Todd Smith, and PGA Jr League Regional Director Kim Shafer.

Tournament Chair Ian Ziska reviewed items for the 2019 season, and Education Chair Dave Mocini highlighted a 2 day Certified Professional Program December 9-10. He also spoke of the upcoming Teaching & Coaching Summit.

Special Awards Chair Doug Bell announced the 2019 Special Awards winners:

Assistant Professional of the Year – Emily Rohdy, PGA
Bill Strausbaugh – Bernie Friedrich, PGA
Golf Professional of the Year – Doug Kreis, PGA
Merchandiser of the Year–Private – Doug Brody, PGA
Merchandiser of the Year–Public – JP Westbrook, PGA
Merchandiser of the Year–Resort – Elliott Oscar, PGA
Patriot Award – Dean Kolstad, PGA
PGA Horton Smith – Kevin McKinley, PGA
Player Development – Mike Fay, PGA
Teacher of the Year – Dave VanLoozen, PGA
Youth Player Development – Scott Wilson, PGA

They will be honored at the President’s Dinner on October 27th.

The second portion of the meeting then went into a town hall format with Kevin Helm, John Lindert and Ron Osborne. A video was shown about PGA.COACH, which is the ultimate coaching resource that teaches PGA Professionals about the American Development Model (ADM), and how to apply the concepts to coaching golf. The trio also updated the membership on National activities.

Growth of the Game Chair Stephanie Jennings then recognized the Youth Grant Program of the Year to Michael Kettler and AdultGrant Program of the Year to Doug Temple. In Doug’s absence, Retired Sargent Dustin Mansour accepted the award on his behalf and recalled how the program was created based on their friendship. Kettler talked about his best practices as it relates to his junior program.

As part of the Patriot Golf Day portion, Chair Kevin McKinley introduced Tiffany Eckert, who gave an emotional speech and thanked PGA members for their continued support of the organization. Steve Brady and Doug Bell talked about their Patriot Golf Day successes.

Thanks to PGA National Resort & Spa for hosting the meeting and WholesaleGRIPS for sponsoring the luncheon.

The 6th Michigan PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit began Monday afternoon which featured Joe Hallett discussing some of the key elements that LPGA players have in their swings and game. Mike Napoleon and Kyle Shay from SuperSpeed Golf talked about coaching speed in the modern golf swing.

Tuesday’s featured speaker was Mike Shannon, who spoke of the evolution and commonalities of a great putter. Mike Borland and Matt Novak from Mizuno also spoke of the custom fitting with the Mizuno fitting system.

The afternoon also featured discussion by leading Michigan Section teachers Ed Laprade, Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Teaching, Zach Theut, Supporting Players to Become Their Own Best Coach, Stephanie Jennings, Kelly Kuhlman and Kelly Plaisier, College Golf Experience: What you Need to Know and How to Prepare your Prospective Student Athlete.

The afternoon concluded with Andy Matthews of Neuropeak Pro who broke down the science of peak performances.

Approximately 119 members and associates attended the 1 ½ day Summit.

Thank you to Mizuno and SuperSpeed Golf for their sponsorship of the Summit.

Thank you to PGA National Resort & Spa for
hosting the meeting

Thank you to WholesaleGRIPS for
sponsoring the luncheon


Thank you Mizuno and SuperSpeed Golf for sponsoring
the Teaching & Coaching Summit


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